Sunday, January 17, 2010


As I remember, our great-great-great-grandfather, William Easley was born in eastern/southeastern Kentucky in 1799 or 1800. After he was married they traveled to somewhere in the southern part of Illinois. In a few years, they had moved to northwest Arkansas. They had a house, a well, a general store and a ferry on White River. Some of the buildings were in Benton County. Others were over the line in Washington County.

William and (I think her name was Sarah) had four sons. The eldest, great-great-grandfather Burnett, had two sons, our great-grandfather, Francis Marion and Uncle Burnett. Grand Pa (Francis) and his Clemie (Margaret Clementine Brenson) were married after the Civil War. They moved from White River to north central Texas. There were born to them several sons and three daughters. I think our Papa (Pawpaw), Frank, was the sixth of the seven sons.

Francis and Clemy with all their family bought land in southwest Oklahoma Territory and moved there in 1900 when Papa was 13 years old. In Texas, Uncle Will, the eldest of the sons, had married Annie Luker. Later Papa went back to Texas and married Annie's youngest sister, Kate, our Grannie. He was already farming (January 1912) so they came home to Oklahoma, which had become a state in 1907. The four children of Frank and Kate were: Thelma (November 1912), Gordon (September 27, 1915), Lawton (September 1917) and Kathryn (February 1925).

Gordon is our Daddy, your Grand-Daddy. He married Ernesteen Shumaker, our Mother, your Grand-Mother, who was born January 7, 1917 and married December 19, 1936. So here we are. I'm the eldest of their ten living cildren: Carlton (1937), Donnie (1940), Pallie (1941), [Little Brother, still born, 1943), Linda (1944), Keith (1950), Ray (1951), Paul (1953), Esther (1955), David (1957), Rachel (1964). And there are all of you. Have a great New Year and the greatest of Lives!

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