Sunday, December 14, 2014


This Seems Harder Than I Always Believed

 Now is the time to think about all those hours in typing class with Mrs. Stroud.  It was kinda exciting, because Daddy was taking Classes with the Church Denomination in Southwest Oklahoma.  He was studying for the ministry.  So I offered to do the typing for him and he seemed to gladly accept.  I'm really not sure how much typo correcting he had to do.  But we seemed to get the job done.  The next year or two I was off to College and the girls, Donnie and Pallie were beginning to type.  Between us all the job was completed.

The Boys of our house have attended their music lessons faithfully during the last two and three years.  Saturday was their Christmas Sing-Along.  There must have been fifty or so Kids of several ages performing.  I'm not sure the age range.  Leo started at age five.  Our own children began at age four, those forty years ago.  When they had those large group lessons and programs, we all went.  The program began with everybody playing together.   Those  were the shorter and more simple tunes to play.  When any child finished the part he knew he simply sat down.  As the program continued the pieces were more difficult and longer.  So the younger listened and learned as the older children played longer.

 This past Saturday all the kids according to their needs were sitting on chairs or stools for their part of the program, if they were playing cellos or those type of instruments.  Kids on violins, flutes and such were held by the musician while he or she stood to play.  The standing or sitting wasn't so noticeable in this type of presentation as in those forty years ago.  Teachers and students were standing or sitting according to their need as they played.  The music was beautiful.  There must have been up to fifty kids.  It showed the hard work of family and children working with the instructors to put together such beautiful music.

I counted more than seventy folks in the audience. The program lasted just less than an hour. That kind of beauty beckons all to listen up and plan to come again next year.