Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It absolutely happened and I don't have the slightest memory of it taking place. I think I remember hearing that both my grand mothers were present. Doctor Crow was on hand. Daddy must have been somewhere nearby. And Mother, of necessity, was available for the remarkable occasion.

They, Ernesteen Shumaker and Gordon Easley, were married December 19, 1936 at the 1st Christian Church in Altus, Oklahoma, the county seat. They first lived one mile south of her parents. It seem to have been a pretty rundown house already in those days. Their assignment was to look after 200 sheep who were grazing on 80 acres of green oats. The flock was corraled at night.

The sheep grew fat and then were sold. That seemed about the right time for Mother and Daddy to move West. They did, near 4 miles. Eldorado, Oklahoma is were they rented the house where I was born. It was Christmas Day, 1937. He had a job at the J. I. Case Implement Co. The owner was Gene Cotton. Daddy worked 12 hours a day for 6 days a week. He received $7.00. Papa was really proud of Daddy's good wages. Most men, if they had work, were receiving a $1.00 or less per day.

So that's the first home and I don't remember. Years later the Shumaker GParents bought a house across the street one lot to the East and lived there until they each died in their turn.
I've riden, driven, even walked past it many times, but was never in it except during those unremembering days.

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