Thursday, January 21, 2010


Our next home was "The Morgan Place." I don't know if we moved there from the Two Roomer or directly from the Sheep Range.

I should mention something I know almost nothing about. The family developed a "Company." I think it consisted of Papa and his married children. I don't remember hearing Lawton's name mentioned as a member of the Company. So he may not have been married when the company was formed. Thelma had married Mother's eldest brother, Uncle Dillon Shumaker, January 1936. So when I heard any reference to the Company, in my mind, it meant: Papa, Dillon and Daddy. That must have been used for renting land, buying the sheep and such like. I always thought that's why we were at the Morgan Place, "to increase the Family fortunes." Though I didn't know anything about fortunes in those days, and regarding the family, never heard of 0r saw any later.

If you would go south from Betty and Byrl's mail box, you should turn east at the first corner and continue east for two miles. There it is, on the north side. The house was back from the corner about a quarter mile. It was straight across from the Mitchell farm. They had a very long drive way.

My little play mate there was Arnold Ray. He was about my age. We played in my sandbox with little trucks. Arnold Ray's daddy worked for Mr. Mitchell. They were the only black family in all our area, southeast of town. Arnold Ray had an older sister. I remember being puzzled by that. The sister and the mother were about the same size, so I never figured out which was which. I think one of them was called Sally. His daddy's name was John. I don't remember knowing their last name. They came often to visit with Mother and Daddy

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