Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am pretty sure we were living at the Morgan place when Mother and Daddy ordered 25 little chicks from a mail order hatchery. They had the brooder house cleaned out and every thing ready for the new babies. One day the mail man honked his car horn. Mother went out and found that he had brought the box (about 12 or 14 inches square with air holes punched in the sides and in the top of the lid, and an excelsior pad lay in the bottom) full of 25 peeping, cheeping chicks.
Mother was excited as she came form the mail box with the whole next year’s supply of both laying hens and frying roosters. With box under one arm and leading me with the other she took us all to the chicken house. She set the box of living peeps and cheeps on the floor and removed the top. She was about to show each little ball of fuzz where the feed and water was, when she suddenly remembered that she had left the burner of the kerosene cook stove going under our noon meal.
She told me to look carefully after the new little orphans, and away she went with confidence that her blooming little sprout could handle the job. I did. When she returned, she found how well! I had given each innocent, curious young life the most heartwarming hug and squeeze he or she would ever get. She probably
wasn’t gone more than 5 minutes. Every little chick lay dead. That entire story is one I definitely do not remember! But I’m certain it is true, for I’ve heard it told over and over without a word of it missing.


  1. That is so very funny!!! I've never heard it! SO very happy you are writing these!

  2. Poor poor chickies. Yes, I've heard that story many times. I'm just waitin' for ya to tell the one about the highchair, but I'll just wait and see...
    Also, Lynette sent me a facebook message and asked me to tell you that she has been trying to leave you comments and let you know how much she enjoys what you are writing and knowing this part of our family tree.
    She hasn't been able to get a blog comment to post. I will call her and step her through the process. She said others may be wanting to comment and can't figure out how to get it to post and wanted to let you know. (there is a way to change the comment posting settings, but each blogger has their preference)
    It is so wonderful that you are taking time to do this. I enjoy seeing your perspective.
    Have a wonderful time in Italy.
    We are so happy for Lydia.
    Love, Rachel

  3. You make it sound just so fun. Do you remember "the rest of the story?" Were they able to get more chickens that spring?

  4. This is Joanna here. I think I have reset the setting to allow more people to leave comments. I hope this helps. I didn't know that there was a restriction on who could leave them until the other day when I was working on the settings for different blog. Hope everyone can get on and leave their comments!

  5. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your comments. It's a lot of fun, though time consuming as you know. It is certainly making me pick my brain. I guess that's kinda like self surgery.

    I do remember seeing the highchair in the Two-Roomer. But nothing specific. So you'll need to remind me of the story you are remembering.

    I'm sorry about the blog-comment-problem. I hope we have it fixed, if not let me know. We definately want the best for everyone, and if best is their commenting, let's get it done!

    Hi, to your family. I only recently realized that you have one in college. My! how time flies...when you're having fun, and I've heard that time is fun when you're having flies. So have at it.

    I love you!