Monday, March 24, 2014


Our Readers Today Are From:  USA, Indonesia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic and Germany

It's good to be back.  Thanks:  A Really Special Thanks to Our Very Good Friend, Jim Campbell, who helped get this "blessed" computer back on line again.  As you walk along the roads of life, you're never sure just who it is you may meet next.  Two of those have been Jim and his wife Sharrel.  Thanks Guys, you really are special. Some day I ought to tell about ALL the folks I've met.  O what Blessings!!!

A Lady I've met is Dr. Helen Roseveare.  She was speaker one week at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi several years ago.  In those years they had an annual Week called "Holiness Lectures". Dr. Roseveare has written several books about her life, work and experiences in the Belgian Congo.  I want to introduce  you to her book:  "A Two-Part Autobiography  --  Give Me This Mountain  and  He Gave Us a Valley".  Give Me This Mountain was published in 1966.  He Gave Us a Valley was published in 1976.  The USA publisher is:  WEC International,  P.O. Box 1707,  Fort Washington, PA 19034-8707.    There is no ISBN number in my copy of the Two-Part Autobiography.

As a result of warring rebellion in the country in 1964 she, with others, was in five months of captivity.  After release she went home to England for recuperation.  In March of 1966 she returned to the Congo.  They made the entrance to Africa from the east side.  It was a 1,500 mile drive from the east coast to the stopping place at the Mission.   Driving from sea level going west over mountains, their path rose to an elevation of 9,000 feet before they began the descent toward mission, home and hospital in the Congo.

When she arrived her thirty-nine pieces of luggage were there, but no paperwork to claim it. But then after five days, an American boy came with all the papers for her to claim her luggage, but also the van and all its contents including meds, drugs and equipment for the new hospital.

Her life story is long and very worth the reading.  I have read some of her books and located the titles of others.  Below are some titles that would be enjoyable for the reader.

     Though the Lion Roar
     Digging Ditches
     Living Faith
     What's in the Parcel?
     Living Holiness
     Living Sacrifice
     Living Fellowship
     On His Majesty's Service
Enjoy the ride.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


We Mostly All Went to Jeremy's House Over the River and Down the Interstate
Friday after school, Carlene came.  We were ready and waiting.  We all loaded in and headed out on Highway 64.  At I-39 we turned south.  In Normal, IL we stopped at Avanty's for gandolas  Then on we went through Bloomington, to Champain where we turned south to Effingham and  down I-57 to where I-24 begins.  After a few miles we went over the River.  That is the Ohio River into Paduca, KY. and the interstate was still I-24 till we turned east on 68 / 80 and followed it to Jeremy's house in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  It was 1:00 am.  Nathaniel had arrived there from Jackson, Mississippi about 9:00pm.  That was the beginning of a lot of fun and great reunion.

We were all glad to see Nathaniel.  It had been a long time.  Jeremy had a lot on his plate, preparing for us, as well as his work at the Church where he directs music and choirs.  We tried to not be a burden, but help if we could.  Of course he was eager to introduce his biking friends.  We went to the bike shop.  The kids, Elizza, Sebastian and Leo were excited to know all about the things they were seeing.  He explained about wheels, tires, and airodynamics.

 The City is building a new walking, running, biking path.  Leo and Sebastian went walking with Jeremy for a couple hours.  Sunday morning I went with Jeremy to the first service.  The Girls, Kids and Nathaniel met us for the 11:00 am service.  Assistant pastor, Keith and family came a time or two for great fellowship and table games. They invited us for a Sunday meal.  Nathaniel needed to leave Monday morning.  We were "allowed" to stay longer because of Christmas break, so we did.

Hopkinsville Mayor, Mr. Dan Kemp, one day took our kids on a tour of City Hall and gave them a great understand of what City Government is about.  He's a fine man and we really apprecitated his kindness.

Our kids brought their pine blocks.  Our Church at home was preparing for their Awana Club Pine Wood Durby soon after the new year.  So we got them cut out and painted.  Several men at the Church in Illinois helped with weights and all the techology involved.   It was a wonderful evening, the night all the boys and girls brought their cars.  Parents, Grand Parents, siblings and a multitude of other relatives and friends attended.  That was a gathering of lots of fun and fellowship.

We were able to stay in Kentucky long enough for a warm day to appear in the calender and we made our run for home.  It was a good thing.  After that day we didn't have any more warm ones until a day or two ago.  Now March 8, we are beginning to see warmer days, like 35 to 47 degrees.  This afternoon is a bright day with beautiful sunshine.  My next stop will be with Jeremy where Joanna and the Kids will give a ride back home again.

It has been reported that we have had 75 inches of snow this year, so far.  That is the third largest in recorded history.  But we are now having above freezing temps.  So the snow is starting to melt.  Most folks have been tired of this very long and so cold winter.  We look forward to spring.  The maple trees often are running sap by mid February.  It has only been above freezing after the second week in March.  So now we are having days with the sap flowing.  The Park District in Oregon, IL. has been sponsoring syrup making for a couple years.  It's exciting to see what the production will be this year.