Tuesday, December 24, 2013


 Tuesday, December 16, 2013
A Hope and Prayer to You and YoursMerry Christmas

At our place snow is slowly getting deeper in the yard.  A few times the temperature has gone underground.  The Kids oogle longingly at their gifts.

Your beautiful cards are piling up faster than I can answer them. We think of each of you more often than there are days in a month, and the years keep rushing by.

Our Kids are all healthy and well.  We praise the Lord!  Carlene still teaches orchestra in Iowa and has joined an orchestra that performs once most months of the year.  Nathaniel is on the down hill slide toward completing Seminary.  Jeremy continues directing choirs in Kentucky.  Lydia and Gabriel are filling the Italian and German night skies with the sounds of music.  Gaia and Carys practice their math tables in three languages.

Joanna still translates many things heard, for those who cannot hear.  Tarah keeps in touch from across the Wisconsin border.  Elizza, Sebastian and Leo are learning as fast as they can.  They always outrun me from the porch to the park.  Winter has slowed us up a little.

If it were possible, I'd love to go from house to house of family and friends:  making hot buttered cornbread or shortbread apple pies, sipping coffee or tea and chatting the hours away.  Prayer meetings for the awful needs of our sick, tired world would be a plus.

Keep well and safe.
Go about doing good.
And may the God of peace  and everlasting lovingkindness
Keep you close thhrough all the coming year.

Love and Prayers,

Carlton Easley

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  1. My door is always open anytime you want to come for a chat, tea and cookies or what ever else we might want to eat.