Tuesday, December 24, 2013


November 28, 2013,  Thanks Giving Day Was Just Great

 Carlene had come.  Joanna and the Kids, Elizza, Sebastian and Leo, were there with me .  Mrozek's, of long standing came, only their girls didn't, but Johanna and Fred.  Susan and her son, John, were our new guests.  For my part, it was a great day of fellowship and thankfulness.  Joanna and Carlene put out a great meal:  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, Lilly's fabulous cranberry salad, Johanna's delicious - leafy green salad.  Joanna and Carlene brought out the pumpkin and pecan pies!!!  Mrozek's provided the sparkling cider.  One great round of applause to you all, a hearty thanks to the attending folks and hearts overflowing in gratitude to the great Almighty God for His blessings of health, protection and bountiful provision over all the years.

The shortest Psalm 117:1-2 declares:  "Praise the Lord, all nations; Laud Him, all peoples!
                                                           For His lovingkindness is great toward us,
                                                           And the truth of the Lord is everlasting.
                                                           Praise the Lord!"

Now We're in Kentucky for the Christmas Holidays:  We Left Friday after School 12-20-2013

Jeremy invited us all to come.  Carlene drove over and we rode down with her.  Nathaniel made the eight hour trip up from Mississippi.  Sunday morning Nathaniel and I attended the first service at UMC with Jeremy.  He'd asked Carlene to play violin with another lady and a lady on cello.  The choir was at the top of their game.  Alan has played that organ 27 years and as usual, was superlative.  The solos and duet added to the beauty.  Jeremy is an excellent conductor.  Pastor Paige gave a stirring message about God who came as a Baby.  The second service was the same, but with many more people and we had brought the boys along for that one.  Elizza was ill.  Joanna stayed with her.   The sanctuary was beautifully decorated.

We had a remarkable lunch.  Pastor Keith's family were gone.  Jeremy invited him to come.  Later we opened presents with Nathaniel because he's leaving before Christmas.  We played several table games until bedtime.  Leftovers kept showing up from time to time.

It's Monday morning. Nathaniel has gone.  Jeremy went to the Church for his usual responsibilities.  Joanna and Elizza did some early shopping.  Joanna and Leo have now gone to the Church for his piano lesson.  Sebastian is hoping for a borrowed cello so he can have his lesson.  I am so grateful for Jeremy's lap top so I can send out this wee report. 

God bless and keep you all.  Our deacon called early Sunday morning to say because of the eight inch snow fall, there would be no Church services at the Red Brick Church where we normally attend.  He was unaware that we had gone south and escaped the big snow fall.  All too soon we will need to repeat the trip.  But this time going north into the snow again.

The ones we're missing at this time of year are Tarah still farther north and Lydia, Gabriel, Gaia and Carys in their home across the sea.


  1. Glad you escaped the snow and get to be with family also. Enjoy your time at Jeremy's and have a great next year.

  2. Just now say this. Glad to catch up with your Christmas. Good several of your family were able to be together, that is always a blessed time.