Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 And Assume All His Responsibilities

Grandpa Easley was bed fast for five years.  Aunt Pearl (his youngest daughter) and her husband, Uncle Everett Davis had moved in to take care of him and run the farm.   It was an agreement of his family.  But I never knew any of the arrangements.  During that time, Grandma Easley died.  Mother and Daddy had planned to marry in November, 1936, but due to her death they thought it best to wait a few weeks.  So they were married, as you know, December 19, 1936.

While Grandpa was still living, it was agreed with his estate that Mother and Daddy would buy his place.  I know none of those arrangements either.  Uncle Everett learned of defense work in Washington State.  He asked to be re-leaved of his responsibilities on the farm.  Our Parents agreed to begin January 1, 1941.  But Grandpa died on New Years Day.  So Uncle Everett's were able to leave and we could move at our leisure.   We did.  On January 31, 1941 we moved into Grandpa's house.

This is the house they built in 1906.  Grandma and Grandpa are standing under the corner of the porch between the two post.   There are eight men besides Grandpa, six women besides Grandma, six babies in arms and eight children on the ground.  I know they had six living sons and three daughters.  So this probably was not a gathering of cousins and other relatives.  But mostly members of Grandma and Grandpa's own family.  Maybe an uncle, brother, or cousin might have been staying for a while.

The house faces west, the road runs north and south.  They are facing south and a little west.  The porch crosses the front and goes along the entire south side.  There are two rooms on the front and one long room extending to the east.

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  1. I loved that house and porch, it was such a wonderful place to play, able to run all the way around the house on it. Wish I had one like it now! Thanks for the memories.