Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Riding Along with Family Members

Thanks to Pallie Sue and Yvonne for providing these pictures.
Kit on the far side, Kate on our side.  Daddy is driving.  I am behind him looking over his shoulder.  Pallie is sitting beside him.  Papa is just behind her.  Sitting to Papa's left is someone.  We wonder it that might be Yvonne.  Granny is behind Papa.  Milton sits between the wheels with his legs hanging down.  I think that is Linda Kay to his left.  Kathryn is in the brown coat at the back and we're guessing that might be Donnie in the red coat by the back wheel.

We left home going south toward the Red River.  A half mile south we crossed Squaw Creek just to the north of the Little Red House.  We didn't turn left and cross Squaw Creek again.  That would put us in the driveway to the Little Red House or we could have turned south toward the river.  Instead we turned to the right going west and after about 4 or 5 city blocks, we went up the high hill and passed Teddy Joe's house.  That's where this picture is taken, a little farther west of his house.  The field to the north is in that property farmed sometimes by Uncle Ross or Mr. Rosser or L. D. Rosser or Elmer Easley.  I was with Daddy one time at the east end of that field, before it dropped off the hill into the pasture.  L. D. had planted peanuts there.  They had an old thresher and were threshing the peanuts.

About a quarter mile ahead of us was Tater Mountian on the north.  That was in Delbert and Ima White's pasture.  Another eighth mile or so was the corner of Papa's farm where we turned north toward their place. 

Thelma would have taken this picture.  I don't know if she brought Granny, Papa and Kathryn over to our place for this ride, or if they drove themselves there.

Here we are a bunch of cousins at our place on Grandpa Easley's farm.  I don't know who brought who or when. 
We're in the driveway, facing the road.  I'm not sure why the 10 gallon milk cans were setting right there.  But we did bring them up from the dairy barn for the milk man to pick up.  Maybe they were empties he had dropped off.
Thanks to Pallie Sue and Yvonne for providing these pictures.
In the back ground, is the stone house that was on the place when the Great Grand Parents moved there in 1900.  Grandma had her cooking fire right out front.  Her bean pot hung over the fire the year round.  Papa told me they had beans every meal, three times a day.  They had other foods, too, what ever was in season.  After each meal she threw in another hand full or two of beans.  She would have needed to add a little more water, as well.

On the sled, across the front, from left to right are:  Milton, Ronald, Pallie Sue and Donnie.  I am holding the reigns next to Linda Kay and Yvonne.                                      

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  1. Ah your stories are so interesting of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Kinfolks...all so different from my memories. I love what you are writing.
    Love you, Rachel