Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello All, I returned safely last night. I seem to still be very sleepy. I don't feel so tired, just sleepy. So I'll just let you know, I'm back. I'm doing well. The trip was oh, so good! Lydia sang so very, very well. We should all be so totally proud. We flew from Bergamo, Italy, about 2 hours for Gabriel to drive us on Thursday morning, Feb. 5th. We flew on RyanAir. The oneway tickets for each of us, each way, were 5 euros. We landed at Breman, Germany. We had a little time to walk around seeing sights and having lunch. We visited an old Lutheran Church. A branze statue of the Musicians of Breman, were near the entrance. We went from there by train to Bremerhaven, Germany. Lydia sang Friday night in the beautiful opera house. I better tell you more later when I'm more alert. I've been wondering lately, what a lert is? Where do lerts live? What do lerts eat? Much Love and Many Prayers! Carlton!

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