Monday, August 19, 2013


Except for Sunday, Every Day in a Village not too Far Away, There Will Be a Market

When Lydia first lived in the center of Torino, there was a little market open each morning from 6:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m.   I hope I got that right.  It was just around the corner from her apartment.  Different stands had different produce.  The same people came with their wares laid out on tables:  veggies, fruits, clothes, chickens, eggs, meats were usually in a truck with a refrigerator, fish would be in a truck with their wares laid on a bed of ice.

Occationally she took her little two-wheeled fold up cart and went to the huge everyday market over near the Royall Palice .  There they had almost anything and it was huge, covered more than a city block in the open air (with covers) and two or three very large building.

In the smaller town and villages they're not so large and come once a week or in Chieri they come on Tueday and Saturday.  There will be cook ware, shoes (men, women and kids), two or three booths.  a few booths in trucks with fold down sides or lift up windows.  Some have all cheeses, or sausages and processed meats.  Some carry fresh meats or roasted whole chickens, that one also makes a wonderful french fry almost a large around a your thumb.

There will be clothes, blankets, rugs, pillows, and odds and ends or all kinds:  Trinkets, pocket books, coin purses, flash lights, and the list goes on and on.

We always like to visit the fresh produce area.  There might be six to eight persons or family groups with their garden goods.  Saturday everybody had peaches as well as their other offerings.  Because the peaches needed to sell that day, the prices were good for the customers.  Gabriel bought two flats, probably a very full half bushel.  When we go home we set up shop.  Carys, Lydia and I pealed and sliced very delicious freestones of different varities.  There were so very delicious.  After we finished, Gabriel set in to cook up some of the best tasting marmalaide.  For a supper dessert, Lydia patted out a short bread dough into the bottom and sides of a large glass pie dish.  After it was baked and cooled, she served it sliced in wedges with fresh cut peaches on top.  That was really good.

In our village the market is a small area, maybe a third of a block, in front of City Hall and across the street from the Coffee Bar.  How convenient can that be?

Today is Tuesday.  I wonder if we'll drive the five miles into Chieri?  There will be two or three markets open.  O, and you should see and visit the Honey stand.  They have flavors from flowers all around these hills and valleys.

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  1. That reminds me of going to market in England with Naomi. So interesting! Have a good day.