Friday, June 21, 2013


For Family, Friends and Followers

Sorry, I'm having computer problems...  hope to be back on line after several more days ... or less.

Thanks for patience!!!


I Hope This Is  a Little More Certain Than Before

Well, finally we learned the mouse in the laptop has gone the way of all flesh.  So today Joanna found the only mouse in Wal-Mart with a "tail" so I can plug it into the machine.  It still does wonder around a bit, but not nearly so badly as before.
We've had the pleasure and joy of having both the boys, Sebastian and Leo, playing Little League this May and June.  Leo was in T-Ball last year.  That was lots of fun.  But I think we have all gotten into the game even more this year.   Over the years they have developed a talent in pitching and catching balls.  So this summer it seems to have strengthened their ability.

It's fun to see them when sometimes they are batting one after the other and are then following each other around the bases.  Last night our team was playing in the field and Leo caught a fly ball.  That was a huge highlight for him as well as us.  Probably larger for us because we never caught any fly balls.  Sebastian's  catching and trowing has greatly improved it the last week.  There are two more games next week and the season will be over. 

We are so pleased with the Kids desire and eagerness to attempt a challenges.  Well, not always so eager. Leo plays piano, Sebastian on cello and Elizza is a sprinter and swimmer you don't want to race.  They love Sunday School and are memorizing scripture verses.


  1. Congratulations to the three of them on their accomplishments and energy, may it continue long!
    I wish them success and much fun next week.

  2. Glad you are back. I've missed you!