Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The Church of God Seem Brimming with Folks Who Love God and His Holiness

This has been a wonderful half-week of sharing the Word of God with a small congregation of people who are bound together in the Love of Christ.

These days had been scheduled sometime back in February.  Then came that blister and infection on the top of my right foot at the ankle.  In mid April I had planned to visit three of my sisters and families in northwest Arkansas, but landed in Hospital for seven days.  I had another week of rehab at Pallie and Darrell's house.

Pallie had planned a trip to her daughter's place in Houston.  After some days there, Pastor Keith Beckman of the Church in Port Arthur came and gave me a ride to southeast Texas.

Services started Sunday morning, May 5 and have continued for four night services.  Tonight will be the close of those and Friday, the Lord willing, I will fly home to joyfully reunite with Joanna and the Kids!!! 

Through it all, this has been a most blessed time of renewing fellowship with family, friends and new folks I'd never known.  The Doctors and nurses at the hospital were all so kind, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

My family at home, throughout the States and in Italy, old friends and new acquaintances have been such a great source of encouragement and inspiration.  David and Joy came down from Missouri on a Saturday.  He brought music and picked some most beautiful cords that blessed my heart.  The Folks at Ozark View Chapel came out to hear me on my last Sunday there.  Gary and Dori's family entertained us, fed us and gave beds for our sleep and rest.  Judy and Aris were a drink of fresh water from a story of long ago.  Randy and Naomi with their children, gave up a bed and brought out wonderful food for our nourishment.  Thanks to you all.

I must give credit to hundreds of folks throughout the world who know of my long story and have without any question, been praying for me.  Thank you dear friends and I pray God's rich blessings come to you from all directions and fill your lives and hearts.  Amen.

I close with this pray of St. Paul to the Thessalonian Church, "Now may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance.  The Lord be with you all!"    Amen.

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  1. Uncle Carlton,
    I love reading your stories. Keep them coming. I also loved having you in our home...and would love to have to come again any many times as you can! Much love!