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#  3     February 18, 2013

Robert Was Butchering Their Hog in the Back Yard'

She was born in Lilly and Robert Owens’ house on Oak Street.  Her Mother is Pearl Decker.  The Doctor said, "I,ll just take a ham of the hog in payment for delivery of the baby."  Lilly said, "You are not getting one of my hog hams."  Here, “I’ll give you a $5.00 bill.”  And that was a bunch of money in 1938.

Lilly (Burdine) Owens is Pearl’s aunt.  Burdine Valley is in Pulaski, County.  The Valley is full of Burdines, Whitakers, Raineys, Deckers, Aurthers and so many more.  Kentucky Highway 80 runs the length of the state and right through the middle of the valley.  It’s a 14 mile walk to Somerset.  One must leave early, get his shopping done, and come back as far as possible, then stop off at someone’s house to stay the night.  The folks at home will be waiting for some of the supplies when you came in next day.

The Owens moved to Cincinnati for work.  Pearl asked, if they would raise the baby.  While they were there Lilly Mae reached her third birthday.  Their next door neighbor was Mrs. Gorsuch (?).  Every Wednesday she baked cinnamon rolls.  By the time that fragrance went wafting out through the neighborhood all the little kids had surrounded her door.  She came out with her huge pan of sweet treats and before long, those rolls were all gone.  

After a year they moved on to Indianapolis.  Lilly Mae grew up 16 blocks from the Circle.  She walked to Public School Number 16 through eighth grade.  Miss Finney, the music teacher, was her guiding light.  She never out grew the influence of that remarkable woman.  For High School it was a mile walk to Washington High.  Her hunger for knowledge drew her to go for summer school as well.  The three libraries and inspiring teachers encouraged her great ambition for academic excellence.

The Old Sunday School Bus from Westside Church of the Nazarene came rattling by each Sunday morning.  Lilly saw to it that Lilly Mae was ready to go, though she was always eager to ride and attend the Junior Class.  That Teacher never told her that she ought to go to the Second Grade Class for Girls.  Something deeply spiritual about That Teacher drew the eight year old to come into the class of early teens.  That Teacher wept and prayed as she taught the Bible Stories and guided eager learners in the Ways of God and His Truth.  At that early age she gave her heart to Jesus Christ and He walked with her the whole way!

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  1. Interesting, must of this I did not know. Lilly is a very special lady.