Friday, January 18, 2013


When You Are Boiling Eggs

Well, this is not from the century past.  It happened this week

I think it was Jan. 15, 2013.  I was trying to finish up the story about Pallie's Birth Date.  It was almost noon.  The kids were at school and Joanna was at work.  So Raja, the big black cat, and I had the house to ourselves.  He never bothers me and I usually don't bother him.  If he gets too high on things where he ought not to be, it's pretty funny to shot him with the water gun.  Well, I guess I've never heard him laughing about it.

So I wondered what I'd have for lunch.  I found an egg carton with 4 eggs in it.  Four were more than I wanted to eat, but I thought, if I boil all four, I can eat two and have the rest another day.  I got out a small pan, maybe 2 or 3 pints...put in about a pint of water, the 4 eggs, some salt and the lid on, lit the fire on low, then sat down to work.  After a while I heard the water boiling.  I marked it in my brain, I thought, and kept working.

After a while, not slowly, not kinda, not possibly, but ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!  A most AWFUL EXPLOSION in the kitchen.  At first I couldn't imagine.  Then that little scratch on my brain gave way to reality.  I FORGOT TO LOOK IN ON THE BOILING EGGS.  Now it was too late!

When I got there, the lid was on the floor.  The pan was askew without water, and the fire was blown out.  I turned off the gas,  then looked for the eggs.  One was splattered all over the kitchen.  The other three were still in the pan, shells broken open and eggs burned black.

If it would have been you that did it, I would have roared with laughter!  But under the circumstance, I cleaned up the mess.  Then I looked around for something to eat.  I found some of Deb Vroom's wonderful Christmas Bread and sat down to have a heartfelt, woe is me, comfy meal.  Thanks for the bread Deb!  It has been a joy all through the season.


  1. Poor poor Uncle Carlton. That is a very sad story. (I am trying my very best to keep my face solemn as I type this.) I'm so glad you didn't have to go hungry that day.

    Was Raja not interested in the egg bomb scraps?

  2. Does not like burned egg shell.

  3. That is so funny! I'm glad you told on yourself. I can just see how solemn Karla's face is!

  4. Funny to us, but I know it wasn't any funny to you. Hope you risk boiling eggs another time. It's likely you will never forget and over boil eggs again!